Tweeting and Information Explosions!

I had tweeted very sporadically for about two years.  In August I chatted with an American History teacher at Reynoldsburg High School who regularly tweets reminders (and occasionally hints) about assignments to her AP American History class.  What a great idea: subtle, high-tech, and fun!   Suddenly I saw Twitter as more than just another cute way to talk online.

Once I “followed” her,  I discovered the explosion of education and technology information on Twitter.  I appreciate the Twitter links and requirements in EDCI 505’s Module 4.  They have reminded me to “read the directions” (a novel concept) in order to use Twitter more effectively.  Now the challenge will be deciding which links to explore, and which to defer or ignore.   I predict timers in my future to avoid becoming immersed in cyberspace  (wandering in the Cloud?).  So much potentially useful information.  How do you manage your time online?

Here are two recent links that I found particularly interesting:

  1.  U.S. classrooms communicating with classroom from other countries as part of their curriculum.  What an excellent way to break some of the barriers that come from unfamiliarity!
  2. Ten more ideas for online tools and project-based learning.  This one might even be useful if we need more material for EDCI 505. 😉

Have a good week, everyone!

Anne Trachsel  (or Anne T, as I’m known to staff members at school, since we have more than one Anne on staff)


Everyone has to start at the beginning:


This is another step on the road to having my own high school Science class!
Since you are reading this, I assume that you are associated  with Ashland Unversity’s EDCI 505 Class.   So far the class has taught me quite a bit, both through the assignments and from playing with several of the  tools and applications mentioned in  and in .

I will be writing more content soon.  This is just “hello.”