The SmartBoards are here! The SmartBoards are here!

The school building in which I work has been extensively remodeled and updated during the past year.  In my current room, the projector is suspended from the ceiling and is always available, either to project what appears on the teacher computer, or to display output from the DVD/VCR player, directly on the white board in the front of the room.  I love that convenience.

And now the SmartBoard has also been installed and connected in that classroom!  Hoorah!  I have just begun to play with it.    We are starting with something small; I’m just inviting students to fill in the blanks for vocabulary words.  They can choose the pen color and width.  It’s fun to see   students excited about something so uncomplicated to do.

I know that there are apps available, as well as graphics for specific Science topics.  I am excited about the possibilities!

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