Infinity and Beyond …

Buzz Lightyear, in Toy Story, calls out, “To Infinity and Beyond!”  Well, Buzz, I am borrowing your slogan, because it fits!

“To Infinity and Beyond!” certainly applies as we teach and learn about Science. Our minds might first think of the grandeur  of concepts in Astronomy, Space Travel, and the Universe.   It also fits in the opposite direction.  “To Infinity … and Beyond!” fits when we consider the infinitesimally tiny items in Biology, Microbiology, and Chemistry!  Add in any other branch of Science that you like, because “Infinity …” also describes how much exciting information is out there, waiting to be taught and to be learned.  So much amazing information, and there are so many creative ways to approach it.

The educational technology applications that we’ve learned in EDCI505 OL3 this semester have certainly given us larger toolboxes to use to grab and hold students’ attention.  The things we’re learning help us to make lessons relevant, interesting, and, at times, entertaining. As a Science teacher, one of my goals is to design lessons that entice students to persevere.  I need to convince them that the results are worth their work, because some Science learning does require work!

I have enjoyed seeing how others in the class have used the same applications in different ways.  It has also been fun to see what specific applications people have chosen to feature when we have investigated different tools. 

“To Infinity and Beyond!” also applies as we continue to refresh our skills by researching and trying new applications.  We cannot try every new Ed Tech tool simultaneously.  As the researching sections of the course have taught us, we must continue to make wise choices with our Ed Tech time.  Reading through Ed Tech blogs and following Ed Tech tweets can help with that.

Imagine what new applications might be available for us to use in the next few years!  Maybe you or I will be part of a team that creates them.  I can’t wait to see how technology will continue to help us teach and learn more effectively.
Yes, Buzz: “To Infinity and Beyond,” indeed.



Quick Info re: Colorful Background …

Just a quick post to identify and acknowledge the source of the newly colorful background on the page!

It is NCG 2074, taken from the Hubble Telescope.  Check out for this and hundreds of other beautiful images!

Stay tuned.  I’ll submit another, meatier post tomorrow.